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The Market and Opportunity

The biggest single struggle companies have with the implementation of technology is the cost; it is clear that new automated systems and the internet will allow a company to do great things, but the cost is high to constantly upgrade, improve, and learn.

EI Catalyst provides an entire electronic infrastructure, reducing capital costs, reducing operating costs, reducing implementation time, and smoothing out growth hurdles. We will let our clients improve their use of technology while they stay focused on their core businesses; for our clients IT will enable rather than disable their growth.

In working directly with clients, EI Catalyst will bring solutions that cross over typical technology boundaries, incorporating the business services with the internet access, the bandwidth with the software, the wireless with the DSL, and the telephony with the internet. We will be a testing ground for new services, developing expertise and supporting education throughout the technical community.

As a background service provider, EI Catalyst will support an array of focused small-to-medium-sized service providers: local computer stores, vertical market systems integrators, LAN support companies, and computer wholesalers. Our services will appeal to more technical users and will therefore be the choice of computer professionals.

Through partnerships with University researchers and coop education programs, EI Catalyst will invest in and encourage development of Canada's Information Technology industry.

EI Catalyst addresses the need for companies to use technology effectively. We also address the need to reduce the cost of technology infrastructure, and thereby reduce the cost of doing business. Our clients will be more competitive in their chosen markets, and their employees will have access to the next generation of internet capabilities, along with the promise these represent for our future.

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